The Day of Your Appointment

What To Do

You would think I shouldn’t have to say the #1 thing to do to prep for your appointment but… Please come to your appointment clean, meaning freshly showered or any other way that you can make it so you are free from dirt and smell decent. Also clean clothing is a must. Being clean is healthier for you and your tattoo… and I greatly appreciate it.

Wear something you are comfortable in… something you don’t mind getting ink on. Also make sure what you’re wearing allows for the artist to easily access the part of your body you’re getting tattooed.

Please eat a good meal and drink plenty of water before your appointment. If you have an all day appointment, you may want to bring snacks or a lunch. Breaks will allow time for you to eat.

Hydrated skin takes ink better. So drink plenty of water the day/night before your appointment.

If you have a long/all day appointment, feel free to bring a pillow or blanket for additional comfort. Just make sure the items you bring are clean and you don’t mind the possibility of getting ink on them. You may want to cover them with a case.

What Not To Do

Please do not make plans or reservations immediately after the estimated time your tattoo will be done. Always leave a couple hours leeway as sometimes tattoos take a little longer than expected.

Please do not drink excessive alcohol the night before your appointment. Getting tattooed while hungover sucks. Also it will dehydrate you… remember your skin will take ink better when hydrated.

Do not drink alcohol or take pain killers (unless necessary for a medical condition) before you come in. Most tattoos will not be that painful. I will not tattoo you if you are obviously intoxicated.

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